Fógra tábhachtach- Covid19

We are now asking patients who have symptoms of Covid-19 not to attend the surgery. Instead, please telephone us on 046 9021369 and ask to speak with a GP.
You will receive a call back from a clinician who can advise on treatment and testing. Please note that, in accordance with HSPC guidance, we do not provide testing for people without symptoms. Nor do we provide certificates or medical details for work, schools or the creche. There is no charge for test referrals. Please have your PPS number available if you do not have a medical card or a GP visit card.

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Welcome to Bedford Medical Centre

We aim to provide personal medical care to patients and families. We strive for excellence in clinical science.

Bedford Medical is a purpose-built health clinic comprising a group general medical practice, Sam McCauley’s Pharmacy, the Mater Private Hospital Navan Clinic, Community  Surgery Ireland-Navan Clinic, Navan Sports Injury & Performance Centre. We also work with colleagues in Dietetics/Nutrition, Psychology and Physiotherapy who are located at our town centre site.

The GP’s at Bedford Medical carry on the medical practice established at Bedford Place over 100 years ago.  We are proud to continue this tradition of general medical practice.

Medical Services

Women's Health

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Sexual Health
STI Screening
Family Planning & Contraception (Mirena and Implanon)
Mental Health

Health Checks & Screening

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Talk to a GP about any health concerns.

We advise against any regular commercial screening. Talk to us about your personal risk.

Baby & Children's Health & Vaccintions

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2 & 6 week checks
2 & 5 year measurements
Asthma Cycle of Care

Baby & Child Immunisations

GP consultation for paediatric problems

Travelling Safely

Please consult 6 weeks before travel
Dr Maguire &
Dr McMenamin

Risk management
Returning traveller

Registered Yellow Fever Centre

Minor Surgery

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Skin cancer screening and treatment
Cysts, lumps & bumps
Ingrown toenails
Joint injections

General Medical Services

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Acute Medical Conditions

Chronic Disease Management

Medical Certification
Fitness to Drive

Mental Health Issues

Sports Injury & Performance

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Dr Mac Colgáin


Sexual Health Services

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See the GP about:

Testing for infections
Erectile dysfunction
Female sexual difficulties

REPEAT Prescriptions

For your  safety, we do not allow  Medical Receptionists to take orders for prescriptions by phone. The receptionists cannot complete the medication request form on your  behalf.

Please use the available request form (right) or email prescriptions@bedfordmedicalcentre.ie  to order your repeat prescriptions. Two days notice is required.

Please also note that the Irish College of General Practitioners and the Medical Council advise GP’s to regularly review patients using repeat prescriptions.  

Ordinarily, you should see the GP at a minimum of once per year to renew the prescription.  

If the prescribing GP notices that you have not attended, your request may be declined, provided for a shorter period than expected and you may receive a message with your prescription advising that you make an appointment. 

Please do not use the repeat prescribing service to order one-off items. These requests will be declined. You should talk to the GP about such requirements. The repeat prescription service is to facilitate your supply of stable, agreed medications only.


Due to Covid-19 all prescriptions are being sent directly by secure email to pharmacies. Please always indicate on your request, which pharmacists should receive the prescription. For private patients, please note that the prescription charge remains.

Repeat prescriptions should be requested 48 hours prior to collection. Prescriptions are only available after 14:30 on ther second day after they are requested.

Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication should ensure medications are accurately recorded by discussing any changes with the doctors during a consultation.

Know your Medications

Please ask the GP or Nurse to explain the purpose of each of your medicines. We will be happy to supply you with a list of your current repeat drugs and to add or remove items when you consult the GP or Nurse Practitioner.

New Medicines/Urgent Requests

If a doctor elsewhere has prescribed a new medicine for you and you need to have it issued on a medical card prescription, we will facilitate an urgent request if you telephone and give us the original prescription.

Many pharmacists can provide several days emergency supply, while you wait for us to prepare your new prescription

Available Online and at Reception

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be requested in the following ways:

1. Directly by Completing this Form

Please make sure to include patients full name, date of birth, address and for each drug the name, the dose and the number of times per day.

2. Ask your Pharmacist

Ask your local chemist to order on your behalf.

3. At Reception

Just complete the repeat Prescription request form at our Reception in the Clinic.

Out of Hours Service


Out of hours North East Doc
Emergencies Only - 1850 777 911
Unit 2, Academy Square, Academy St., Navan, C15 PKX4

Thank you for choosing us.

Meet our Doctors & Staff

A Tradition of Family Medicine

The GP’s at the Bedford Medical Centre are qualified doctors who have undertaken specialist postgraduate training in Family Medicine.  Our aim is to continue the tradition of personal medical care that has always been provided from Old Bedford Place Surgery under Dr. Ross, Dr. Dorgan, Dr. Michael Hayes, Dr. Potts, Dr. Finn and Dr. James Hayes.  At the new Bedford Medical Centre, we can bring additional services to our patients as befits a modern medical practice.

Dr. Niall Maguire

Graduated fom UCD in 1988 and the Dublin Regional GP Specialist Training Programme

Special Interest in Chronic Disease Managment and Skin Cancer

Dr. Niall Maguire

Dr. Seamus McMenamin

Graduated fom Trinity College Dublin and the Mid Leinster GP Specialist Training Programme

Special Interest in Chronic Disease Managment and Medical Audit

Dr. Seamus McMenamin

Dr. Kieran McCabe

Graduated from NE GP Specialist Training Programme in 2020

Specail Interest in Minor Surgery

Dr. Kieran McCabe

Dr. Mary Murchan

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin in 1988 and completed GP Specialist Training in Scotland.

Special interest in Children's Health and Women's Health

Dr. Mary Murchan

Dr. Stephen Breen

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin in 2011 and the NE GP Specialist Training Programme

Dr. Stephen Breen

Dr. Dualtach MacColgáin

Graduated from NE GP Specialist Training Programme in 2020

Special Interest in Sports Medicine

Dr. James

Dr B.J. Hayes MB BCh FRCGP
Retired senior partner

Dr. Joan Gilsenan

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin in 1988 and the Dublin Regional GP Specialist Training Programme

Special Interest in Women's Health and Dermatology

Dr. Joan Gilsenan

Dr. Fawad Anwar

Graduated from NE GP Specialist Training Programme 2014
Special Interest in Nursing Home Medicine

Dr. Fawad Anwar

Dr. Rania Ali


Registrar to Dr J Gilsenan joined the practice in July 2020 and will be with us for one year. She has a special interest in general adult medicine and geriatrics.

Dr. Jack Finn

Dr Finn continues in practice as medicolegal advisor.

Medicolegal Examiner

Our Nursing Staff

We are lucky at this practices to have the clinical support of six talented practice nurses who have a range of additional specialist qualifications.  There are two to three nurses on duty at any one time.

All our practice nurses have specialised as practice nursers and are ready to help you with a wide variety of services, ranging from blood and ECG tests to wound care, ear syringing and cervical smear tests.

The practice nurses also provide the first point of contact for urgent patients and undertake most of the baby and travel vaccinations.  Pateients for travel vaccines need to consult the GP first.

Our Medical Secretarial Staff

We are proud of our team of experienced medical secretary’s whom you will encounter at our surgery or on the phone.  

All staff have been trainined in the special skills required to provide caring, efficient and confidential help to the many patients who have attended our surgery over the years.

0 +
Years Experience
Nurses, Nurse Practitioners
& Health Care Assistants

Schedule of Fees

Please let us know what services you are looking to book so we can allocate the right time slot for you. Please note, additional fees may arise during a consultation for test/procedures – please see below for a broad outline of these fees.

Please note, prices are correct at time of posting, however may be subject to change without prior notice.  Payment is required at the time of consultation.

Private Patients

Doctor Services

Nurse Services

  • Standard Consultation €30
  • Blood Test with Nurse €20
  • Dressings to wounds with Nurse €30
  • Injections with Nurse €20
  • Ear Syringe €30
  • Cervical Smer Test with Nurse €30

    under 25 and over 65

  • Venesection €40

    no Private Health Insurance

  • Removal of sutures with Nurse €30


  • Letters for Housing & Grants €10
  • Completion of Forms €10
  • Bexsero Vaccine for Children (per dose) €140
  • 24 Hour BP Monitor €125
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine Administration €15

Medical Card Patients

Doctor Services

  • Driving License Medical/Eye examination €30
  • Travel Vaccine Consultation €55

    Vaccines additional cost

  • STI Screening €40
  • Minor Surgery Co-payment €30-50

Nurse Services

  • Dressings to wounds with Nurse €20
  • Blood Test with Nurse €15
  • STI Screening €40

    Includes drawing of blood for HIV 1 + 2, Hep A, B, C, VDRL

  • Cervical Smer Test with Nurse €30

    under 25 and over 65

  • Therapuetic Venesection for Haemochromatosis €20
  • Removal of sutures with Nurse €30
  • Administration of Travel Vaccines €25 per visit


  • Administrative Services €10

    Letters to support medical card applications, letters relating to housing, special grants, travel, completion of insurance forms.

  • Bexsero Vaccine for Children (per dose) €140

Please note, whilst we will try and accommodate additional services during a consultation, this may not always be possible. Blood tests must have been ordered by a doctor during a consultation. Blood tests ordered by a private consultant may incur an additional administrative fee.

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